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      Customers can request a full refund within 24 hours after placing an order. Please note that we will charge a transaction fee if you apply for the refund after 24 hours and before delivery (2.6% for credit card users, 3.6% for PayPal users, 3.5% for Affirm users). Orders purchased after 30 days could not be cancelled.

      The return service is currently available to US orders only. If you want to return the product, please pick up the package first. Then contact our Customer Support Team via support@juplink.com to obtain a shipping label. To avoid paying high Please note that double shipping fee may be deducted from the final return if you directly reject the products.

      After you returned the prodcut to our warehouse, we'll issue the refund within 14 business days, you'll be notified with an email once your order is refunded.

      If you don't receive the refund after 14 business days, please contact us via support@juplink.com.

      Please follow the 3 steps to process your return
      ◆ Step 1:
      Contact our Support Team via support@juplink.com to consult return and warranty service.

      ◆ Step 2:
      Our Support Team will determine what further action is required. They will give you a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and provide you with a prepaid return shipping label (label to be determined by the support team). They will also provide instructions on how to properly package the product to return it safely. This is incredibly important. Do not ship the product until you have received the proper safety directions on how to ship the product. You must clearly mark the RMA number on the package and include your proof of purchase date with the product.

      ◆ Step 3:
      Juplink will process your return or warranty according to the return or warranty policy.

      Please DO NOT return the items without the RMA confirmation from the Juplink Customer Service Team.
      For return without confirmation, the refund or replacement may not be processed.

      Return Shipping Cost
      We will charge you the shipping fee under these circumstances:

      If you cancel your order over 24 hours and within 30 days without any reasons, we'll charge the transaction fee (2.6% for credit card users, 3.6% for paypal users) + shipping cost.
      Any defects or damages caused by exposure to excessive heat, liquids or other external causes;
      Any defects or damages caused by reliability or compatibility issues when using unauthorized third-party parts;
      Any defects or damages caused by misuse of products, unauthorized modification, dis-assembly or operation not in accordance with the official instructions or manuals;

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      E-mail: support@juplink.com

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