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      Advantages of 2.5G PCIE Dragon Network Adapter

      Advantages of 2.5G PCIE Dragon Network Adapter

      What is the Dragon version 2.5G network adapter?

      According to the situation of large-scale home office work and live teaching during the global epidemic, the network environment will play a very important role. In online games, in addition to the player's own technical level, the network response and delay also affect the game. In response to this problem, Realtek's latest generation of 8125BG chips, through the unique "Dragon Intelligent Bandwidth Optimization Technology", maximizes the bandwidth utilization of the network. Realtek claims that it has made special optimizations for UDP packets, which can accelerate some online games that require high network speeds and are sensitive to packet loss. In addition, the Dragon series network adapters also support multiple bandwidth management modes for different purposes such as games, web pages, and videos, and are equipped with dedicated bandwidth management software Dragon, which can automatically and manually increase the bandwidth priority of online games to ensure smooth games.

      How to use Dragon 8125BG network adapter?

      1.Need to have a network adapter with RTL8125BG chip;

      2.Need to install Realtek's Windows Dragon software.

      What system does Dragon 2.5G network adapter support?

      Windows7/8/10/11 (drive-free but it is recommended to update the latest driver on the official website), MacOS, Linux, Synology 918 and 3615 (DSM version must be greater than 6.2), QNAP (PCIe slot required), OpenWRT, iKuai, UNRAID, ESXI, PVE.

      Advantages of 2.5G USB Network Adapter

      Advantages of 2.5G USB Network Adapter

      In the current mobile phone photography, digital photography, etc., the image data is getting larger and larger, and the requirements for storage networks and data transmission are getting higher and higher, and the internal network, e-sports, Internet of things, security, etc. also have new requirements for network bandwidth. Technological progress is developing too fast, and Gigabit Ethernet has become less and less able to keep up with the demands of the times.

      Although the current Gigabit network is obviously difficult to meet the demand, if a 10 Gigabit network needs to be equipped with corresponding equipment that supports the 10 Gigabit network, the cost will also be very high, unrealistic and not easy to popularize. So there is a 2.5G network adapter that balances Gigabit and 10 Gigabit. Then, compared with the relatively popular Gigabit network adapter, what are the advantages of 2.5G network adapter?

      As far as the transmission rate is concerned, the 2.5G network adapter has a transmission rate of up to 2500Mbps, which is 2.5 times the speed of a gigabit network adapter, and the delay is very low. Whether it is e-sports games, webcast, or office downloads, it can be enjoyed by users A step-by-step experience. In addition, the 2.5G network adapter uses a network chip specially designed for e-sports, which can meet the needs of today's Gigabit network, real-time processing of high-priority program packets, and improvement of data transmission processing efficiency. It also has a plug-and-play function. Function.

      This year Juuplink launched a USB/TYPE-C 3.0 to RJ45 2.5G network adapter, with a transmission rate of up to 2500Mbps, free from delays, and bring a faster and more stable network experience than WiFi. In addition to supporting laptops, the USB3.0 interface also supports direct connection to desktop computers, which solves the problems of desktop computers without network adapters and network adapter damage. It is also equipped with a TYPE-C cable to meet the connection requirements of TYPE-C interface devices such as Apple Macbook, ipad, Matebook, etc. This 2.5G network adapter uses the newly upgraded Realtek RTL8156B chip, which has lower power consumption, higher speed, and faster efficiency than the previous generation core, and it is easy to play and entertainment. It can also be backward compatible with Gigabit/100M networks to meet network requirements in more scenarios.

      Advantages of 2.5G PCIE Network Adapter

      Advantages of 2.5G PCIE Network Adapter

      There are still quite a few users using 100M routers, but most desktops or laptops have already used gigabit Ethernet ports. But even so, regardless of the read and write speeds of most HDD and SSD have exceeded 300MB/S, and NVMe SSDs have already reached 1000MB/S.

      Therefore, for many users, still using the onboard Gigabit Ethernet port can no longer meet the transmission requirements, especially the home intranet data transmission task may be heavier. It stands to reason that the onboard 10-Gigabit network adapter should have been promoted by now, but for various reasons, the mainstream still uses the relatively low-cost gigabit network port. At present, the price of the onboard 10-Gigabit network adapter is about $100. Obviously, the price of this solution is still relatively high for most consumer users.

      Therefore, at the current stage, Juplink introduced a 2.5Gbps network adapter to increase the transmission speed for transition. The maximum speed of 2.5Gbps network adapter with 2.5G network port router can reach 280MB/S. Although it still does not reach the upper limit of SSD transmission, it has been doubled.

      At present, most homes and Internet cafes use gigabit networks or lower, which can no longer satisfy people's network use for large file downloads, storage, and large-scale web games. However, replacing the 10 Gigabit network not only causes a serious waste of resources, but also a huge investment in cost. Therefore, the 2.5G speed network adapter is the most ideal solution for a long time in the future.

      What are the advantages of 2.5G network adapter over Gigabit network?

      No need to replace the network, the 2.5G network adapter is also suitable for the current Gigabit network wiring. The speed is directly increased by 2.5 times, which is the most compromised solution for Gigabit and 10 Gigabit networks. Support PCIe interface, backward compatible with 10/100/1000/2500Mbps rate mode. Suitable for online games, home storage, industrial computers, embedded computers, etc.

      NP-2500 is a PCIe single-port 2.5G Ethernet network adapter developed by Juplink based on the Realtek master control solution. The adapter supports PXE diskless startup and has a remote wake-up function. In the actual test, the TCP bandwidth can reach 2.37G , UDP bandwidth can reach 2.39G. Not only is it suitable for high-quality network requirements such as online e-sports games, but also can be widely used in home storage, industrial computers, embedded computers, single-board computers, digital multimedia and other applications. It is the best choice for the transition between Gigabit network and 10 Gigabit network.

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