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👋 Experience 2.5G Speed! JUPLINK 2.5G USB Network Adapter And 2.5G PCIE Network Adapter Will Be On The Market At The Same Time! 👋

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      Boost Your Wi-Fi Coverage 

      Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones. Juplink EC4-1200 Improve the range of your.
      existing Wi-Fi network, expand your Wi-Fi Coverage up to 12,000 sq.ft.

      Up to 150/50 Mbps speed 

      Uses the latest generation of 4G LTE technology to achieve speeds of up to 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload.

      20+ devices connect 

      MU-MIMO technology allows the wifi extender to serve up 20+ multiple devices at once, ensures your WiFi is delivered faster, reducing wait time and greatly increasing Wi-Fi throughput for every device

      2 Gigabit Port 

      2 Gigabit Ethernet port lets you connect a wired device such as a game console or smart TV to create a fast, reliable wired connection.

      Repeater Mode 

      Working in the repeater mode, EC4-1200 wifi extender can ensure the security of the wireless signal, and it is able to receive weak WiFi signal, and then zoom in to the normal, safe strength, and after optimization, error correction processing, to achieve signal coverage distance doubled extension under safe.

      Router Mode 

      Working in the router mode, simply plug an Ethernet cable into its Ethernet port, and easily turn your wired internet connection into a 2×2 MU-MIMO dual band wireless access point.

      AP Mode 

      Working in the AP mode, creates an instant private wireless network and share internet to multiple Wi-Fi devices,which is suitable for most hotel and home network.

      Dual-Band Wi-Fi Maximum flexibility

      2.4GHz provides extremely long range coverage.
      5GHz reaches 433Mbps, perfect for gaming and streaming.

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