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      Q1: Why cannot the router setup successfully?

      A1: Press and hold the Reset button on your router with a paperclip or pin until the front indicator turns off
      and the Red indicator on (about 25 seconds) before it finally turns green.

      Q2: Why cannot the internet appears available?

      A2: The Internet appears to be unavailable if the Internet has difficulty communicating with your router.
      The problem may appear as a "Cannot find  [ Internet address ]" message in your Web browser.
      If you know that the Internet address is correct and if you've tried several valid Internet addresses with the same result,
      the message could mean that there's a problem  with your ISP or modem communicating with your router.
      Try the following: 
      - Make sure that the Internet Service Provider(ISP) information is filled in correctly.
      - Make sure that the network and power cables are securely connected.
      - Make sure that the power outlet that your router is connected to has power.
      - Reboot your router.

      Q3: Why unable to connect the router signal after a while of successful connection?

      A3: Try the following:
      -Check on the interface for restrictions and blacklist.
      -Reboot the router and connect again.
      -Reset the router and set up again.

      Q4: How to reset the router if I cannot access the web UI of the router

      A4: When the LED of the router is solid green, press the reset button for 5 seconds and release.
      After the LED finally turns green again, the router is restored to factory settings.
      If it is useless to reset the router, please ensure you keep pressing the Reset button for at least 5 seconds with power on.

      Q5: Why router and mobile get strong signal but low speed?

      A5: Try the following:
      - Enter the router’s setting page and verify that your router gets no unknown access device in
      - Check the surrounding wireless signals, If there are too many wireless signals, switch channels and try again.
      - Check with your ISP by phone or email to confirm that the service is well.

      Q6: Why cannot access the web UI of the router after entering

      A6: Try the following solutions and log in again:
      - Ensure that your Ethernet cable with internet connectivity is plugged into the WAN port of the router rather than a LAN port.
      - Ensure that your wireless device is connected to the router’s SSID.
      - Ensure that your wired device is connected to port 1, 2 or 3, 4 of the router properly by Ethernet cable.
      And the device is also set to Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically.
      - Clear the cache of your web browser or replace the web browser, and try logging in again.
      - Disable the firewall of your device, and try logging in again.

      Q7: How to choose my connection type?

      A7: You can choose your internet connection type based on the following table or by consulting your ISP. 
      You need to double-click  and enter a PPPoE user name and password to set up a dial-up connection.

      Q8: An IP address conflict message appears after a computer which is connected to the router. What should I do?

      A8: Try the following:
      - Ensure that there is no other DHCP server in your LAN or the other DHCP server is disabled.
      - Verify that the IP address of your router is not used by another device in your LAN. The default access address of the router is
      - Ensure that the static IP address assigned to the computer in your LAN is not used by other devices

      Q9: I forget the login password of the router. What should I do?

      A9: Try to reset the router and log in the router’s setting page to set the password again.

      Q10 : Why cannot my phone find the 5 GHz signal?

      A10: Try the following:
      - Only devices supporting 5 GHz signal can find and connect to the 5 GHz network.
      - Enter the router and Confirm that both signal bands have turned on.

      Q11: Why cannot I access the internet after successfully connected to the router’s network?

      A11: Try the following:
      - Make sure that an Ethernet or Internet cable is securely connected to the blue Internet port on the back of the router
      - Make sure that an Ethernet or Internet cable is securely connected to the appropriate port on your modem
      (This port on the modem is usually labeled Ethernet)

      Q12: How to connect to Xfinity cable Modem?

      ① Connect to the Wi-Fi of the router and log in to the web management page:
      ② Tap or click Network on top menu.
      ③ Tap or click WAN Setting.
      ④Tap or click WAN Setting.
      ⑤ Enter the User Name and Password of the Internet Service Provider.
      ⑥ Click Apply.

      Q13: Why my Windows device is not detecting my AX router's wireless network?

      A13: If your Windows device is not detecting your AX router’s wireless network, you might have an older Intel wireless network adapter
      (some older Intel adapters include: Intel Dual Band Wireless AC-3160, AC-3165, AC-7260, AC-7265 and AC-8260).
      To check which wireless network adapter is on your Windows device:
      ① Open the Control Panel.
      ② Enter Device Manager in the search bar at the top of the window.
      ③ Click Device Manager.
      ④ Click the arrow next to network adapters to display the list of adapters.
      ⑤ Your wireless network adapter displays on the list.

      Note: If your wireless network adapter is not made by Intel and you are still unable to connect to your router’s SSID, try to reboot or reset your router.
      If your wireless network adapter is an older Intel model, it might not recognize the wireless signal on your AX router.
      Connect to your router directly using a wired connection to access the Internet and download the latest network adapter drivers.

      To connect to your router directly and download the latest wireless network adapter drivers:
      ① Using an Ethernet cable, connect your Windows device to a LAN port on the back of your AX router.
      ② Launch a web browser and visit
      ③ Download the latest wireless network adapter drivers for your adapter model.
      ④ After you install the latest drivers, your device should recognize your AX router’s wireless network.

      Q14: How to change the DNS servers on your router ?


      ① Sign into your router's web-based administration:
      ② Tap or click Basics on top menu.
      ③ Tap or click WAN Setting.
      ④ Select Static in IPv4 Address Type, then you can set DNS manually.
      ⑤ Enter Subnet Mask Information.
      ⑥ Enter Default Gateway.
      ⑦ Enter the primary DNS server you want to use.
      ⑧ Enter the secondary IPv4 DNS server you'd like to use.
      ⑨ Click Apply.
      Note: Please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to obtain detail DNS information.

      Q15: How to set the Repeater mode on your router?

      ① Sign into your router's web-based administration:
      ② Tap or click Basics on top menu.
      ③ Tap or click WAN Setting.
      ④ Tap or click Relay Setup under Wireless Reapeater and enable it.
      ⑤ Select the Wifi you want to extented.
      ⑥ Enter Your Wi-Fi password in Key blank.
      ⑦ Tap or click One Button Wireless Relay.

      Q16: How to establish a mesh network system on your router?

      A16:First of all, you need to prepare at least 2 routers.
      ① Connect your router’s WAN port to the LAN port of the modem or Router. (main router)
      ② Set up the main router,and enable it to access the Internet normally.
      (Please note that the wireless network must be set to an encrypted state.)
      ③ Press the WPS button on both routers for at least 5 seconds.
      ④ After about 30 seconds,the lights on both routers will finally turn to solid green, and the setting is complete.
      It means that the Mesh is set and can be used normally.
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