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      Q1: Do I need any driver for it?

      A1: When used in Windows/MAC, the best is go to realtek website install the latest 8156B driver, when used in other system, need to search for the 8156B driver.(PS: After the MAC is inserted into the adapter, it will display 1000m, but the speed is 2500m.)

      Q2: Why is the adapter not working properly?

      A2: Please try following:
            (1)Check both RJ45 and USB Type-C connectiong are normal.
            (2)Use a different Ethernet (RJ45) cable
            (3)Make sure that the adapter light flashes yellow after the adapter is plugged into the USB Type-C port of the computer.
            (4)Try plugging into a different USB Type-C port.

      Q3: Why does my adapter not reach the speed of 2.5G?

      A3: Please try following :
      (1) Check the RJ45 is connected to the 2.5G device and the Type-A or Type-C conection is USB 3.0. Last check Ethernet cable is above cat5e.
      (2) Try to insert RJ45 and Type-A or Type-C into different ports until the LED is blinking yellow.
      (3) Go to download and install the latest 8156B driver from the Realtek’s website.
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