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      Q1: Do I need any driver for it?

      A1: When used in Windows, the best is go to realtek website install the latest 8125B driver, when used in other system, you need to search for the 8125B driver.

      Q2: Why is the adapter not working properly?

      A2: Please try following:
            (1)Check RJ45 connectiong is normal.
            (2)Use a different Ethernet (RJ45) cable
            (3)Make sure that the adapter light flashes yellow after the network cable is connected to the adapter.

      Q3: Why does my adapter not reach the speed of 2.5G?

      A3: Please try following :
            (1) Check the RJ45 is connected to the 2.5G device and check cable is above cat5e.
            (2) Try to insert RJ45 into different ports until the LED is blinking yellow.
            (3) Go to download and install the latest 8125B driver from the Realtek’s website.

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