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👋 Experience 2.5G Speed! JUPLINK 2.5G USB Network Adapter And 2.5G PCIE Network Adapter Will Be On The Market At The Same Time! 👋

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      Wifi Adapter

      Wifi Adapter
      Stable & Dedicated. Wired internet comes in handy, especially when you have a poor WiFi connection. Several times, not every corner of the room might get stable connectivity. But with wired internet, you get a dedicated bandwidth and undivided speed as there is no second user.

      Secured.WiFi connection can be made available to all. And if it is not password-protected, then there are chances of a security breach. But a wired internet connection is secured, and it protects your data. Thus, making it very crucial for businesses that handle enormous data.

      Faster date transfer. The data rate in a wired connection is much higher than in a wireless connection. So, massive data transfer is possible within minutes.

      Signal Integrity. The wired internet cable is shielded. With this, the magnetically induced interference gets controlled, and signal integrity is maintained.

      Easy to Use.  The configuration of a wired connection is easier. Besides, it offers good Quality of Service (QoS) wherein you can prioritize your tasks on the router. With this, the important tasks get more bandwidth than the less important ones.

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