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👋 WiFi6 Router AX1500 $35.59 Only(11. May-15.May)👋

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      GREAT FOR: Streaming, Gaming, and Extending WiFi 

      The Juplink WiFi 6 router lets you Stream, Game, and Binge Nonstop. Powered by Dual-Band
      Wi-Fi 6 Technology which adapts to your WiFi needs, your devices will always have a full-strength
      signal throughout your entire home. Utilizing the latest WiFi 6 technology, all of your device
      connections will be high quality while also adhering to the latest security standards. Later, if you
      decide to grow your network, this future-ready router expands by adding any Juplink mesh
      compatible products.

      Strong Compatibility

      Supports Latest Macbook & iphone and other Brand. Macbook Air M1, Macbook Pro M1, iPhone12, iPhone12 Pro, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone11,iPhone11 Pro, Galaxy Z Fold2, Galaxy S20 FE Galaxy S20+ 5G, Galaxy Note20,Galaxy Note20 +, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Intelwirelss-AX200, Intelwirelss-AX201 .

      User Friendly Band

      Smart band control system would automatically get the fastest connection among the different bands,to ensure best performance.

      Lower Latency Technology

      Smoother Experience while you watching videos and playing games .

      WPA 3

      Working in the repeater mode, EC4-1200 wifi extender can WPA3 Encryption Security Technology--The most significant additions to the new security protocol are greater protection for simple passwords, individualized encryption for personal and open networks, and even more secure encryption for enterprise networks.

      Router Mode 

      Parental control function that allow parents to restrict the access of content to their children.

      MU-MIMO Technology

      MU-MIMO Technology allows Wi-Fi router to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously. This decreases the time each device has to wait for a signal and dramatically speeds up your network.

      Dual-Band Wi-Fi Maximum flexibility

      2.4GHz provides extremely long range coverage.
      5GHz reaches 433Mbps, perfect for gaming and streaming.

      4-Core CPU, Low Latency, No Lagging

      As ioT becomes popular, it requires capability of more devices to be connected and more traffic. Therefore, a more powerful CPU is needed for robust computing and low latency. Compared with a traditional 2-core device, the 4-core Broadcom chipset and 4-core ARM processor guarantee RX3-1500 stable connection, stronger processing capability, computing enhanced by 100%, and latency lowered by 20%.

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